With direct lines to great LED manufacturers, Leco imports and distributes Led products.

We strive to deliver top quality LED products at great prices.

With modern technology becoming readily available the pressure for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and be seen as ‘green’ is becoming very important. 

New generation LED lighting is being seen to be the most cost effective way of reducing power usage and lowering carbon footprints.

When using traditional lamps, most of energy is put into heat not light which is a big waste of energy.

LEDs have a much higher light to heat ratio, therefore giving you better use of the energy. LEDs are up-to 75% more energy efficient.

LEDs have directional light emission, they can direct light where it is needed. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs emit light – and heat – in all directions, which is wasteful.

LEDs are Mercury-Free and can be recycled at end of there life.

Unlike traditional lamps, LED have no breakable glass or filaments.

LEDs require no warm-up time.


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